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Mission & Goals


Bring our community together to invest in innovative practices that enrich the environment for student learning.


1. Students and Families: Real world  learning


    • Provide real-world opportunities for all students and parents
    • Map and promote community-based real-world learning opportunities
    • Compile and share student volunteer opportunities
    • Develop and expand mentoring and life skills learning

    2. Teacher, principal, community engagement


    • Create opportunities to connect educators with community leaders
    • Develop and align opportunities for educators to share best practices
    • Align outcomes of classroom grants with mission and increase grant opportunities

    3. Community-based networks


    • Develop website to strengthen relationships and share resources
    • Develop volunteer framework and build volunteer pool
    • Align partners and resources with school-based initiatives

    4. Strong, sustainable financial support


    • Strengthen relationships with new and existing donors for stewardship
    • Build endowment through legacy giving
    • Leverage support for grants and scholarships
    • Align development efforts with the mission